Can my SEO Manchester site turn into an actual business?

First SEO Manchester Client It’s been interesting to see the reaction to my site from the SEO community in Manchester. I’ll be honest and admit that one of the main reasons for this project was that it appeared that many […]

No Change For SEO Manchester

My SEO Manchester site remains in No.1 Spot It’s over 6 weeks since my last post and my site has remained at number 1 for the duration. A lot has been happening over this period and I’ll expand on […]

Stuck at the No.1 spot for over 2 weeks now!

Top SEO Manchester Site Whereas my site has only managed to stay at the number one spot for a day or two on previous occassions it has now remained there since 16th October. The companies below me have been […]

Down In The Dumps? Not!

Well I managed to hang on to the No.1 spot for just over a week. I’m sure that my presence has spurred many of the companies below me into action. I dropped down to the No.4 spot earlier today but […]