Bing Social Sidebar Now Includes More Facebook Timeline Results

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Bing has made some major changes to its Social Sidebar resulting in more results appearing from Facebook Timelines.

bing and facebookHere’s more information about this change:

Bing Boosts Facebook Results In Social Sidebar

Microsoft has revamped its Bing social sidebar to add more results from Facebook timelines.

Following the unveiling of Facebook’s new real-time Graph Search component, Microsoft has rolled out a new update to Bing’s social sidebar that integrates more Facebook data into search results.

Bing director Bill Hankes describes the update as a “significant improvement and enhancement to the social sidebar”. Users that link their Facebook accounts will notice a significant increase in content derived from their friends’ timelines, a fivefold increase in fact.

Social results

According to Hankes, his company didn’t just dial up the number of results that it delivers to visitors. Bing’s updated social sidebar “delivers not only a lot more information but also qualitative information”, he added.

Previously, the Bing sidebar derived its results from profile information, photos and “likes”.

“Those were the earliest signals that we began to incorporate from Facebook,” Hankes told eWEEK. Starting with this update, Bing also includes status updates, shared links and comments. The change bolsters Bing’s positioning as a search engine that people use to seek out recommendations and get things done, not just perform research.

Integrating more Facebook signals – and more social signals, in general – leads to a richer search experience that delivers more relevant results, said Hankes.

How does Facebook Graph Search fit in? Graph Search is a new search technology………..

Read the full article here –

and this from Hubspot:

Bing Adds 5x More Facebook Content To Its Search Results

Just a couple days after Facebook’s hyped up “secret” announcement was revealed to be Graph Search — which, powered by Bing, uses social signals to try to create a truly social search experience within Facebook — Bing has announced that its search results will now feature 5x more content from users’ Facebook friends, including status updates, links, and comments. Big surprise, right? You know … a little of the ‘ol “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” action? Okay, okay, so in the marketing world, we call this ‘co-marketing.’

In any event, let’s take a closer look at the social changes Bing has made to its search engine results, and why, at least as a marketer, you should give a hoot.

What Has Changed About Bing’s Search Results

I know what you’re thinking, you well-informed marketer, you: “But Bing was already incorporating social data from Facebook into its search results.” Yes, this is true……………

Read the rest of the article here –

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