Google Places Case Study

Google Places Case Study

Google Places Case Study Manchester

Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Ltd – Google Places Case Study

Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Ltd, based in Droylsden, Manchester had an existing business website and Google Places page. Andy and his wife Barbara had made some optimisation improvements to their website and were also using Adwords.

Andy wanted to attract more free organic traffic to his website, improve the ranking of his Google Places page, stop his Adwords spend and target Cheshire as well as Manchester for his tiler services.

Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Ltd - Google Places Case Study

Our initial focus prior to Andy’s Google Places listing was on choosing the main keyword/s and geographic areas to target and then optimising the on-page elements of the website. This involved ensuring correct url’s, titles, headings, meta descriptions, anchor text, internal linking, image alt tags and content.

It’s important to get the on-page optimisation of the website in order prior to working on a Google Places page.

Initial target keywords were:


Tiling Contractor

Kitchen Tiler

Bathroom Tiler

Conservatory Tiler

Grout Restoration Contractor

Wet Rooms

Underfloor Heating Contractor

These keywords were targeted together with the main locations Manchester and Cheshire as the prefix and suffix to each keyword i.e. ‘Kitchen Tiler Manchester’ & ‘Manchester Kitchen Tiler’.

We improved the home page with more content, new images and a video to make it more personal and then built new pages on the website to target the above keywords.

In addition to targeting Manchester and Cheshire as the main geographic areas we have also targeted over 50 specific areas in Cheshire and over 20 areas in Manchester.

Andy already had a YouTube account so we opened a new keyword targeted channel and created 3 videos initially which we have followed up with by creating numerous videos targeting various keywords and locations.

(if the video refuses to play try expanding it to full screen or watch on YouTube)

The videos give us a number of benefits. They are great for use on the website and Google Places to add interest (people love visual content), keep people on the page longer and encourage clicks deeper into more pages. These 3 benefits help to cover aspects which Google is keen on – Visitor Retention, Click-Through Rate and Bounce Rate (people landing on your site and clicking straight off).

They also help to provide backlinks to the website and Google Places page as we have submitted them to a number of video submission sites as well as YouTube.

Finally, we can use videos to provide citations. These are online mentions of the business name, address and telephone number in places other than the website and Places listing.

When people search using Andy’s keywords and the video option his videos show up now on page 1 for the majority of his keywords. They are also appearing on page 1 for an overall organic search as well as a listing for his main website.

Andy already had a business listing on Free Index with some excellent reviews so we optimised his listing further and provided links from his website and Places listing to Free Index so that potential new customers could see his reviews. The details on his Free Index listing are picked up as a citation by Google and citations together with reviews and links are important ranking factors. We therefore created more citations on numerous other business directories.

Our Google Places Case Study continues with the optimisation of Andy’s Google Places listing.

Andy had already claimed, partially completed and verified his Google Places business listing.

Google Places Case Study Andy Carroll Tiling

We had to build on what Andy had already done by fully completing and optimising the listing whilst keeping within Google’s guidelines on Places.

This involved completing the business name, address, telephone number, email and website keeping exactly the same format as had already been used on the citations we’d built. Next we completed the categories, service area, hours of business and payment options.

Adding photos and videos to a Places listing can really make you stand out from the competition. Not just in terms of helping your ranking but also in encouraging clicks. The more information you can give a potential new customer the better and if you have all the available photos and videos added to your account the better likelihood someone will be encouraged to view your information.

We added the full 10 photos and 5 videos to Andy’s account which were keyword and location tagged to match the keywords and categories of the listing.

We completed the additional details section which gives us the chance to mention our keywords and locations once again plus add a few tricks and tweaks to optimise it further.

Adding a coupon to the Places page every 30 days with tiler service discounts and offers will help to encourage customers to use Andy’s services plus it again gives us the opportunity to mention keywords/locations again.

Andy has already been encouraging his customers to leave reviews and he will make this a regular part of his ongoing online marketing strategy. We will be putting in place additional methods which he can use to encourage his customers to leave reviews once he’s completed a job.

We have put many more optimisation techniques in to play which should reap rewards over the next 2 to 3 months.

We are also continuing our service by creating directory listings, particularly in Trade related directories, plus additional backlinking strategies. We will continue to create new website pages targeting new keywords/locations and videos. He also has a blog on his website which he will be updating frequently to add fresh content. The aim is to help Andy’s website dominate the local market for his Tiling services.

It has taken approximately 2 months to get to this stage but Andy already has multiple page 1 listings in the organic search results, Google Places results and video results. His website ranks in the top 3 of organic search results for over 20 keywords and over 40 keywords are in the top 10 results. His website has gone from containing half a dozen pages to over 300 currently, targeting numerous keywords and the main locations of Manchester and Cheshire plus over 60 separate towns and villages in these areas.

Current Google Keywod Rankings

    • Tiler Manchester – Page 1 for Google Places listing (D spot), organic listing for website and 9 slots for video search.
    • Tiling Contractor Manchester – Page 1 for Google Places listing (B spot), organic listing for website and 3 slots for video search.
    • Kitchen Tiler Manchester – 4 organic listings plus 2 video listings on page 1 of Google and A spot on Google Places (
    • Bathroom Tiler Manchester – 4 organic listings plus 2 video listings on page 1 of Google and A spot on Google Places.
    • Grout Restoration Manchester & Grout Restoration Contractor Manchester – Dominates organic listings and video listings plus B and A spots on Google Places.
    • Underfloor Heating Manchester & Underfloor Heating Contractor Manchester – Multiple organic listings and videos plus B and A spots in Google Places.
    • There are dozens of page 1 rankings for keyword/locations in specific areas in Manchester and Cheshire.

Hopefully this Google Places Case Study gives you some idea of the work which we put into our Google Places Optimisation Service but it will reap rewards many times over and above the fee which we charge. Over the next few years Andy will make tens of thousands of pounds in profit from the customers that his online marketing campaign will generate.

He has had the foresight to start to build his online visibility now. By gaining good rankings for his website, Google Places and videos now and continuing to build on this foundation it will make it more difficult for his competitors to overtake him.

Obviously Andy is looking to generate business now but he sees his Manchester Tiling companies online presence as helping to secure the future for his son who will eventually take over the reigns.

From our perspective we have a Tiler under our belt and we will not work with another tiler in the Manchester area.

If you would like us to give you an idea of cost to carry out a similar service for your business please don’t hesitate to contact us.


“We at Andy Carroll & Son Tiling Limited are a professional wall & floor tiler manchester company and after having our website built felt it was lacking some kind of “je ne sais quoi”.  We had tried getting customers ourselves by using Google Adwords but it seemed that we were just throwing money away and no business was being generated.We then discovered SEO Manchester. After a consultation with Mark he gave us great confidence and imagination so that our website would achieve high rankings within Google. Mark first of all improved the look of the website, made it more personal and sorted out the optimisation.

After such a short period of time it was amazing to see the amount of business it was generating and from lots more local areas. We ask all of our clients how they found us and what they think of our website. One of our previous clients, who is the Marketing  Manager at the Trafford Centre, commented on how professional and personal our website looks and how it stands out from all the rest.

SEO Manchester is excellent value for money, totally dedicated and professional. Would highly recommend every time”

Andy Carroll & Son

Google Places Case Study