Google Places Optimisation

Google Places Optimisation Manchester Service


We offer a full Google Places Optimisation Manchester service which includes keyword research, citation building, categorisation, keyword optimised and geo-tagged images/video, standard/mobile coupons, backlinks plus ideas on getting customer reviews.

Let us do the work for you so that your listing is properly optimised and ranking well.

Why Do You Need Our Google Places Optimisation Manchester Service?

Quite simply, if you want your Manchester based business to get found online you have to be prominent on Google.

It is the most widely used search engine in the world and if you appear high in the results that are returned whenever a search is made, particularly a local based search, it can easily provide your local Manchester business with an endless supply of new sales or leads.

Google is placing more and more emphasis and importance on providing up to date, relevant and correct information for businesses that provide local products or services.

If you now make a search for a product or service Google will provide information that is relevant to your geographical location and on most occassions you will be shown a ‘Google Places’ results page which is a list of local businesses that are close to the person making the search, and are linked to the map at the side that shows location and directions.



Most Manchester based businesses don’t realise it but this is a huge opportunity being given to them by Google.

It is probably the best thing to happen to Manchester based businesses that provide products and services to local customers – that is as long as they grasp the opportunity!

Many local businesses are not even aware of Google Places and the fact that search results are no longer being dominated by the big national companies. In fact only 3% of local businesses have actually claimed their Google Places listing. Of these very few will have optimised their listing to maximise its potential and hopefully appear on page 1 of Google for their main product/service keywords.

This currently presents a fantastic opportunity to Manchester businesses. As long as they ACT NOW!

Google Places Optimisation Manchester

If you haven’t claimed or you have claimed but need Google Places Help then our Google Places Optimisation Manchester service could be one of the best investments you ever make for your business.

Your competitors are probably the same as you were and unaware of this recent opportunity. You now stand to gain a huge advantage over them when you claim your spot and become established on the front page of Google becoming almost impossible to catch!

Our Google Places Optimisation Manchester Service includes:


  • Initially carry out keyword research using the keywords that you give us and then look for additional keywords that you may not have thought of but which are more profitable. This will include looking at the keywords your main competitors are targeting. We will also ensure that the keywords chosen actually trigger a Google Places results page.
  • Taking a deeper look into your competition to see how many citations they have and where these are listed. Citations are places where a business is mentioned online using at least their business name, address and telephone number. This will help determine what is needed to outrank a competitor. Google sees citations as ‘votes’ for your business helping your Places listing rank higher as well as sending you traffic themselves.
  • Build a minimum of 30 citations for your business. More if required.
  • Ensuring that your listing is 100% complete whilst staying within Googles terms and conditions. There are around 20 different entries that need to be completed in your new listing to our exacting specifications.
  • Correct categorisation of your business.
  • Include up to 10 images from keyword rich folders to match categories. The images will also have correct alt tags and will have been geo tagged to match the target location.
  • Include up to 5 videos which again will be keyword rich and geographically tagged.  We will either use video/videos that you supply or create a slide show about your business using the images supplied.
  • Create coupons/mobile coupons to encourage customers.
  • Build links pointing to your Places page.
  • Help you to get customer reviews.

Pricing is based on the strength of competition. Please contact us to get a quote.

Our Google Places Optimisation Manchester service uses only ‘white hat’ techniques and takes account of current Google Places Policies.