Google Places Optimisation Service For Manchester Plasterers

Google Places Optimisation Service For Manchester Plasterers

If you’ve not yet claimed your free Google Places listing for your Manchester Plastering business or you’ve claimed it but haven’t optimised it you are missing out on what is probably the best online marketing opportunity currently available.

A Places page is a free website being given away to all businesses in Manchester by Google. It gives you the opportunity to offer potential new customers a great deal of information about your company all in one place.

The best thing about a Google Places page for your Manchester Plastering business is that Places pages show up in the most prominent positions (see below) when someone puts in a Google search online. For example, if someone puts in ‘Plasterers Manchester’ the search results page shows a list of local Plasterers that Google thinks match the search query best, listed from A to G. These are usually the first search results that someone sees and are the ones most likely to be clicked on.

Google Places Optimisation Manchester Plasterer

You may have already claimed your Places listing and completed it but for it to perform and rank highly there are a number of things which must be done and put in place.

Google Places Optimisation Manchester Plasterers

It’s not as simple as claiming your listing and entering a basic business description and a couple of photos. See our GOOGLE PLACES CASE STUDY to understand what needs to be done to achieve a high stable Google ranking.

A well optimised Google Places page can help to bring free traffic to your business and more potential new customers picking up the phone and dialling your number instead of one of your competitors.

Our Google Places Optimisation Service covers the on-page optimisation of your existing business website (if you haven’t got one we’ll build one for you), complete optimisation of your Google Places business listing, creation of promotional videos, customer reviews and citations, online business directory listings and backlink building.

The plastering businesses in Manchester that build highly optimised Google Places pages now will have a distinct advantage over those companies that delay. Attaining a high ranking now and then building on that success gradually each month will make it very difficult for a new listing to achieve a higher ranking.

Once we take on one business within a particular service industry we will not work for another company.

Will you be that Plasterer in Manchester?

Maybe you haven’t yet claimed your free listing or perhaps you are having issues with a current listing and need help to solve any problems with your Google Places SEO? That’s what we’re here for!

If you are interested in a free consultation to discuss what we could do for your Manchester Plastering business please contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.