Google Plus For Business Marketing Guide

How To Use Google Plus For Business – Marketing Guide And Tips

Have a look on Amazon and you will find few, if any, printed books for sale about Google Plus. The reason. Simply that Google Plus is changing, adapting, evolving and improving all the time. The content of any book written would soon become obsolete.

It is imperative however that you use Google Plus for business marketing and as such you need a guide or source where you can find all the current information and tips about using Google+ and be kept up to date constantly about new developments and new ways of using Google Plus.

What if you had access to one of, if not THE, most knowledgeable people on Google Plus – Chris Lang? Chris knew the direction in which Google was heading more than 3 years ago, he studied Google along every step towards Google Plus, he has been a beta tester for many Google products and is a Google TV Ambassador. He is the person that top internet marketers go to for advice on Google Plus!

You don’t just get access to Chris’s guide nor just his email address.

How about being able to chat with him on the phone once you’ve found your feet with Google+? What’s more! How about having the ability to set up a 15 minute one-to-one video chat with him every Friday!

I’ve learnt so much from Chris about Google Plus and it’s reflected in my increased online visibility and search engine rankings.

Google Plus Business Marketing Guide TipsLEARN FROM GOOGLE’S NOSTRADAMUS – THE SEO ORACLE!

Why use Google Plus? If you want to successfully market your business online, achieve high search engine rankings, attract free traffic, dominate your competition and increase your profits you have no choice.


Google Plus will provide the most powerful and user-rich experience imaginable. Business owners will be able to reach their target audience quickly for next to nothing. Google Plus builds relationships at lightning speed and provides you with numerous ways of developing that relationship.

But, you know what? Hardly anyone realises the full potential that Google+ offers nor understands how to use the tools that are there ready and waiting NOW.

Over time that will change and more and more people will eventually catch on to the amazing impact that using G+ can have on their online marketing strategy.

Are You Going To Be Left Coughing In The Dust As Your Competition Races Ahead?

Chances are that your competitors haven’t realised the true potential yet either and even if they have it’s not too late at this stage to stop them getting too far ahead of you. But, you have to act now.

The ingredient to succeeding online is FRESH TARGETED TRAFFIC and where does the best and freshest targeted traffic come from? GOOGLE.

Use Google Plus to its full potential and you can easily build targeted lists, achieve top rankings and get a flood of targeted traffic In any marketplace!

Learn Powerful Secrets Nobody Knows
Avoid Shocking Mistakes Everybody Makes

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn:

  • Introducing the new Google Social Algorithm: Learn how Google uses practically everything we do and monitors actions taken by real people to find indications of quality in our videos, blogs and social profiles. It then uses those indicators to help determine rankings.
  • Why you need to start now and discover the biggest influence on search engine optimization of the next decade. Fail to do so and you will be playing catch-up on your competition. Just imagine, if you had known 6 months before Google announced in 1998 that incoming links were the new SEO tool, what would you have done then?
  • Google Social Search: How to get in it now and how to get seen by thousands today in the NEW Google search rankings.
  • Learn how Google actually ranks YouTube videos and what Google REALLY wants from you.
  • Learn how to build a huge G+ following that shares your posts on Google and creates back links to your sites at the same time.
  • Uncover the new tools that enable you to mail your newsletter from the Google servers to your members and ensure that they receive it 100% of the time.
  • SEO secret from hell revealed – the Google rankings secret that only 4 people in the entire world know.
  • Discover the insider secrets to quickly and easily building your own enormous and highly targeted list in any niche you choose thanks to the enormous power of Google+.
  • Find out why 2+2 = 5 and how this equation puts you at the helm of EVERYTHING!
  • Uncover the methods to using Google+ to absolutely DOMINATE any market you want — this tool is so powerful you’ll be astounded by what it will do for YOU!
  • See how Google Plus will become FAR more valuable than any other social site – in fact this makes FaceBook and Twitter almost worthless by comparison!
  • Find out why just 1 single Google Plus friend is worth 1000 Facebook friends (or tweeps) for your business!
  • Find out the exact tools you need to start building your own highly targeted and extremely responsive list to begin generating cash sales — FAST!
  • Discover how you can literally DOMINATE your market and achieve rankings that would make long standing authority sites jealous of you!
  • See the Google tool that is CRUCIAL to the success of any of your blogs — and see why this means you won’t have to waste time with Mixx or Digg ever again!
  • Find out how even Gmail will be an integral part of your rankings in the future and why you need to set your account up a certain way to make this work.
  • Discover the cutting edge options in Gmail coming in from Google’s experimental division called Google labs that make mobile marketing a reality for anyone.
  • Learn about Google’s new social algorithm and how this will change the online search game forever – this information puts you so far ahead of anyone else that they’ll never be able to touch you.
  • See how the number of RSS readers your blog has helps you to achieve rankings and how these Google tools will supply you more RSS readers than you know what to do with!
  • Discover how to “scoop” up new contacts from your competition – stealthily grab their top friends and contacts anytime you want!
  • Check out a case study on how these tools got 143 REAL links to a brand new site in 24 hours!
  • Discover step by step how to force your competition to pay for their advertising because you’ll own the search rankings – and you can do this VERY quickly with these unknown methods and tools!


How To Use Google Plus For Business Marketing Guide