Google+ Is Now The Second Most Popular Social Network

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It wasn’t too long ago that Google+ was being labelled as a ghost town but it is now proving to be anything but. Facebook still has a massive following but Google+, now with 343 million followers, is making huge inroads into their lead.

It adds credence to all those who have been declaring that ‘you ignore Google+ at your peril.’

This article on Zdnet goes into the news in more detail:

Last year, many people dismissed Google’s Google+ social network as a “virtual ghost town.” That was then. This is now. According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+, with 343-million active users, has become the second largest social network globally. As Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior VP of engineering, observed, “That is a lot of ghosts”

Google+ Moves To Second Place In Social Networks(Image Credit: GlobalWebIndex)

Facebook is still the biggest of the social networks by a large margin. By GlobalWebIndex’s count Facebook has almost 700-million active users. The research group defines active users as those who used or contributed to a site in the past month

All three of the major global social networks, Facebook…………….read more here –

Author: Mark Watts

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