The Importance Of Google Authorship And Author Rank

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If you haven’t grasped the concepts of Google Authorship and Author Rank yet here is a great article from Mark Traphagen:

If you follow my writing here, on various other blogs, and on Google+, you know that I am a big fan of Google’s Authorship project, and that I do a great deal of thinking and research about it. But when you’ve got your nose deep into something, it’s easy to slip into jargon and forget that others may not have any idea what you’re talking about.

This was brought home to me this morning in a comment on a recent post on this blog. The commenter had asked a question about linking her YouTube channel to her Google Plus profile, and in my response I went on and on about how it might be related to “Authorship” and therefore might help her “Author Rank.” Bamm – question answered. Thank you folks, and don’t forget to tip your servers.

But some time after she replied with another question: “You keep on talking about “Authorship” and “Author Rank,” but what’s the difference? Are the two synonymous?”

Ouch. I realized that I had stumbled down deep into the jargon well, and had probably left a number of other readers in the dark as well. It’s like when I’m at a get together and I mention that I’m into SM…and when I see the looks on peoples’ faces, I quickly have to explain that I mean “Social Media,” not “Sado Masochism.”

So here is the answer I gave to her question. I post it here in hopes that it will help others understand these topics. Of course, there is much more to this than I explain here. If you want to dig deeper, check the related posts down below.

Maybe the simplest way to answer your first question is to say that Google Authorship is the tool, and Author Rank is the (potential) thing built with the tool. Now let me expand that.

What are Authorship and Author Rank? …… the rest of the article here –

Here are Google staffers Othar Hansson and Matt Cutts introducing Google Authorship back in August of 2011

Author: Mark Watts – SEO Manchester


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