Organic SEO

Organic SEO

There is no doubt that organic SEO is an important factor in contributing to the long term success of a website.

By definition, organic SEO is the ability to appear highly in the search engine rankings without the use of pay per click campaigns using third party services (i.e. Adwords).

If you view a Google search results page you will find all the paid search results on the right of the page and possibly at the top of the left section (sponsored links) whilst all the organic results will be listed down the left hand side.

To get listed in the paid search listings you use a third party service such as Google Adwords which basically means that you pay Google to be listed on its search engine results page when a person keys in your designated keyphrase. This service is referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC).

If you are willing to pay enough you can guarantee that your adwords ad will appear in the top 3 PPC listings which should help to drive traffic to your site. The drawback is that the cost is ongoing as the more clicks you have the more you pay.

Organic SEO on the other hand involves optimising your website so that the search engines like what they see and rank your site highly (ideally on the first page of returned results).  This can take some time but the advantage is that it doesn’t involve paying for the privilege of being on page 1. In effect, Google for example, is rewarding you for the on-page and off-page optimisation of your site.

The main bonus of a top search engine ranking achieved by organic SEO techniques is that the traffic you attract is free.

The first stage of organic seo involves optimising the on-page structure of a website – url’s, titles, meta data, headings, image tags, sitemaps, robots txt, content etc. The second stage involves off-page optimisation – keyword research, competition research, articles, press releases, social bookmarking, linkbuilding etc.

Many websites are built without any attention being given to these two stages yet expectations are high of the site one day appearing on the first page of Google. The truth is that there is no chance of this happening.

The good news is that an existing website can be given a new lease of life and stand a chance of ranking highly if it is given a Website SEO Analysis and then optimised both on-page and off-page.

Manchester Organic SEO Service

Manchester Organic SEO Service will analyse your website and then optimise it fully. It will then be promoted using legitimate methods, quality content and effective marketing via links to your site.

Organic SEO means it’s naturally achieved – Loved by Search Engines!

  • No paid links from search engines.
  • No bought memberships to link directories.
  • Organic SEO carries greater weight in rankings.
  • Maximum exposure for minimal cost.
  • Longer, stronger links to highly reputable websites.

Search engines love websites that have been created using organic SEO techniques. They are viewed as having been created manually via hard work with the specific search engine requirements being given high priority.

Organic SEO can best be described as building a well structured clean web site without ties to questionable sources and troublesome advertising services.

In many cases the use of this type of SEO is a less intrusive experience for visitors to the page, and vice versa.  The traffic your website will attract is more likely to be laser targeted to what you have to offer, which increases the sales potential.

If you are interested in discussing the options available to you in optmizing your website using our SEO Manchester organic seo service please see our contact page.

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