Using QR Codes To Promote Your Business

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Even if you haven’t heard of the term ‘QR codes’ before, you have probably seen them. These codes, or rather barcodes, are cropping up on consumer products, in major publications and even on advertising hoardings. Invented in Japan, the QR code consists of a square pattern made up of black modules on a white background. They can be used to encode a URL, text or other data and can be decoded quickly by dedicated barcode readers and more recently camera phones. QR stands for quick response and allows consumers to access information about your company and products quicker than ever before.

The Latest in Online Promotion

If you are looking for an innovative and completely new method of promoting your business, QR codes are the way to go. A simple QR code on an advert, in your brochure or on your products can direct your audience and customers to a specific area on your website, give them access to discount codes or give them information that will help them to use your products. The possibilities are endless and as they become more and more popular with consumers it is a good idea to get ahead of your competition and start using this marketing method.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Advertising your code is easy. Basically, anywhere where you would normally advertise or place text or images can be used to place a QR code. Using these codes will give your customers and potential customers a convenient and quick method of finding out more about you and the perfect opportunity to show off the functionality of their mobile phone. These days, consumers want information on the move and they want it fast. QR codes can be scanned on the fly whilst on the train, in a shop or at home and stored much like contacts so they can be referred to when needed.

Your QR code will be unique to you and can be embedded with whatever information you would like to make available to your target audience. If you need some inspiration on how best to use QR codes to promote your business here are just a few ideas:

* Business Cards – Include a code on your business card that directs your contacts to a specific web page or a video presentation.

* Press Releases – A code on your press releases can give readers more information about your products or services.

* Product Packaging and Literature – It’s easy to include a code on these items and this is one of the most popular uses of them today.

* Websites – More accessible than a simple URL. Use a code to direct consumers to your home page or specific pages of interest.

* Promotional Material – Use on any form of online or offline advertising to give users easy access to additional information about your products or services.

When used in conjunction with your other marketing processes, QR codes can be highly effective and look set to become a standard method of online promotion.


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