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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is the practice of optimising a website so that it can be properly read and indexed by the main directory sites such as Google and Bing.

Seo Company Manchester

These search engines use ‘spiders’ or ‘bots’ to regularly scan your site. They are looking for all the information that tells them what your site is about and then using an algorithm determines where your website appears in the search results for given keyword related searches.

Our task is to make sure that your website is set up in the best way possible that ensures that the search engines view your content as highly relevant for your target keywords.

We have gained this knowledge through many years of search engine optimisation work in Manchester. The search engines are continually changing and improving how they determine search results and we consistently monitor these changes.

Keyword Research

You will no doubt have your own ideas about which keywords you want to target but it is important that you determine how competitive each keyword is and look at all the potential keywords that are available, particularly those which are not being targeted by your competitors.

It is important then to build your website in the most effective manner that clearly tells the search engines exactly what keywords you are targeting.

Organic Results

You want your website to appear in the organic section of the search engine results for your target keywords as this can attract free traffic to your site. These rankings appear in the most popular part of the results and are clicked on by the vast majority of searchers.

You can appear at the top of the rankings by having a highly optimised website and using our SEO services can help you achieve that.

Google+ Local

If you are a local Manchester business you will no doubt want to attract customers in your catchment area.

We can create and optimise your Google+ Local listing giving you the best chance possible of appearing prominently. This process involves creating optimised descriptions, adding photos and videos, citations and reviews.

Google Knowledge Graph

One of the most innovative improvements by Google is the Knowledge Graph system that has changed the way we think about the search engines.

When you use our SEO Company Manchester services you can be sure that your website will be Google Knowledge Graph compatible.

SEO Manchester

SEO is our speciality but we also provide WordPress website design, hosting services, video marketing, mobile website design, Google+ Local optimisation, social media marketing and content creation.

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Author: Mark Watts

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