SEO Manchester Client No.2

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My SEO Manchester Business Secures Client No.2

I had a meeting yesterday to discuss the search engine optimisation requirements for a company in Manchester City Centre.

The discussion with my first client took place entirely via email and a phone call so this was the first time that I had to sit down face-to-face, talk about SEO and sell my services. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was very useful in that I learnt a lot about what potential clients are looking for and the sort of questions they might ask.

One interesting snippet of information the client divulged was that he put a search in on Google, emailed me first asking about my small business SEO service and then rang the company below me on the page. This company were less than complimentary about me and did their best to deter the customer from using my services.

Well, the old adage “don’t knock the competition” when talking to a potential client rang true as he didn’t like the tactics used nor the price quoted.

We shook hands on an agreed SEO procedure and price. I have charged a one-off fee that is half of the figure the other company wanted per month. There should be no need for an ongoing monthly SEO process in this case however we have left it open that we can assess the situation after the SEO targets have been met.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this project now and hopefully enjoying the same success I had with my first customer whose main keyword is now up to page 2 on Google. His other 3 keywords are all on page 1.


Hi, my name is Mark and I’m the owner of SEO Manchester.

I started in SEO in 2009 and have gradually built up my business solely from organic traffic generated via high search engine rankings (mainly Google).

I love building highly optimised WordPress websites and optimising Google Places listings. I am also constantly building on my knowledge of the uses of all forms of social media for marketing effectiveness, particularly Google+.

When not helping clients improve their online presence I enjoy walking the dog around the hills where we live, reading, real ale and (surprise) spending more time on the web.