Smart Bags

Hi Leanne

Regarding your new website:

1) Meta Titles

You are right to restrict your meta titles by number of characters but I would try and keep the maximum to 60 as this seems to be the common cut-off point being used by Google currently and therefore anything over 60 would not be seen by a searcher.

The titles in your excel spreadsheet need to be amended by either reducing them to 60 characters or less and add characters where possible to any that are significantly short of 60.

Meta titles are the second most important on-page factor (after content) so it is important to spend some time on them, making sure that every title is unique (Google does not like duplicate titles).

If you think that your brand name is currently strong enough to influence click-throughs from the search results then it is worth considering starting your titles with your brand name

i.e. Smart Bags | Eco Friendly Reusable Bags Wholesale

If your brand is currently less well known or relevant than the keyword then the target keyword should go first or as close to the start of the meta title as possible.

Some of the titles in your spreadsheet use parentheses to create paragraphs. Best not to use these, just use commas or vertical pipes

i.e. 2 Bottle Carry Bag | Stitched Internal Divider | No PP Base


2) Meta Descriptions

As with your meta titles your descriptions should be limited to the current Google truncation point of 160 characters. Some of the descriptions in your spreadsheet exceed 200 characters and some as low as 80. Again, you need to bring them all to 160 or slightly less. Make the most of the available space but don’t go beyond 160 as it will not be seen.

Although not important in terms of improving search rankings your meta descriptions can determine whether a searcher clicks through to your website rather than a competitors. By telling them that you offer exactly what they are searching for and by writing descriptions that stand out from the crowd you can compel a searcher to click your link. Simply adding your telephone number at the end if you need to fill the 160 character limit can work wonders.

3) Breadcrumbs Navigation

Create url’s that help Google get around your website. Breadcrumbs are internal links that help spiders/crawlers understand your sites structure and hierarchy/priority.

i.e. Rather than  use

4) Page Content

A lot of eCommerce type websites fall down by using the exact same content for their product descriptions as found on the websites of the main supplier/s. It is important that the content on each page is unique. Try and add as much of your own information about each product as you can.

A simple way to add relevant content to a product description page is to include real reviews/testimonials. As well as supplying the search engines with more unique information reviews and testimonials help to increase a buyers sense of trust in the product and your store overall. This page is a good example of how to use reviews/testimonials on a product page –

5) Images

Ensure that all images have alt tags. Where you have more than one image on a page don’t use the same alt tag on each one. Focus the first image alt tag on the primary keyword and then for the rest simply focus on describing the actual image/s.

6) Video

Going the extra mile on your product pages can work wonders for conversion rates/sales and incorporating additional features like product videos and 360 degree interactive images can really make a difference. It shows that your store is willing to make the extra effort to add a personal touch to your merchandise.

This product page makes great use of video. You can click on 2 videos and view them without leaving the product page –

Offering additional features can do wonders for your brand and separate you from much of your competition. The more effort you put into your product pages, the more interested shoppers will be in both your products and your brand.

Video also helps to keep people on your site/pages longer which is a tick in the positive box for Google.

7) Use Google Owned Properties

Using Google Plus and YouTube can only benefit you as they are both part of the overall Google ‘stable’.

Set up a Google Plus profile for your business and use it to develop relationships with potential customers as well as create posts (as you do with Twitter). You can create useful links to your website/blog from your Google Plus page and also set up Google authorship/publisher status. Get extra brownie points via customer reviews on Google Plus.

You have an existing YouTube channel with some great videos. You need to optimise the channel and also each of the existing videos. As mentioned in point 6 above videos are a great way of increasing customer retention, reducing bounce rate and improving click-through rates to more pages within your website, all of which encourage Google to give you better search engine rankings. Consider embedding some of your existing videos onto pages on your new website and give serious consideration to having more videos created in the future.

8) Social Media

You are making great use of Twitter but you need to add in Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin.

9) Blog

Make as much use of your blog as you can.

10) Analytics

Set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to provide ongoing monitoring of your website and visitors. Helps to spot new opportunities for keywords, landing pages etc.

11) Adwords

Use your Adwords campaign to highlight new keywords to target.

Check out what keywords your competitors are targeting. Refine your ad groups, set up ad extensions and conversion tracking.

I love the design of your new website. It is really clean looking and devoid of clutter.

If I can be of assistance helping you to put any of the above points into action please let me know.