Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing

Marketing your business successfully online is becoming increasingly important.

Online marketing is growing year on year. To have the best chance of dominating your local marketplace you have to keep pace with developments. If you don’t you will be left trailing in the dust of your competitors who have grasped the importance of website marketing.

One sector of online marketing that can produce fast and impressive results is online video marketing.

It is reported that the amount of time you have available to capture the attention of a potential customer is measured in seconds and what better chance to grab their curiosity than to provide them with a short video.

You don’t have to worry about spending thousands on a professional production. You don’t even need a video camera! You can create a video for your business that is just 30 seconds long using photos or images and interspersed with some text using free basic media software packages such as Windows Media. Put a call to action at the end together with your website details, email address and telephone number and you’re done.

Put your video on your website and submit it to YouTube and other video directories and you are on your way to standing out from the crowd.

Google and other search engines love video and if marketed correctly your online business video could stand a real chance of getting on the first couple of pages for your keywords. If yours is the only video visible when the search results are returned you stand a great chance of getting the click.

There are a few techniques that need to be addressed when submitting your video to the likes of YouTube. The title, description, website url and tags all need to be completed carefully to give your video maximum search engine optimisation.

Get it right and it can bring free targeted traffic to your website.

For more information on how to use Video Marketing to promote your business website please contact me.