Website Assessment

Get A 10 Point Website Assessment

Find out which areas of your website you can improve to make it perform better in the search engines, look visually better and be more customer friendly.

There are many ways in which you can improve your website without spending a fortune. Just a minor tweak here and there to the on-page optimization, adding a custom logo or banner, improving the page load speed or adding calls to action can reap great rewards.

I will look at your website and give you 10 ways to improve it, such as graphical changes, coding errors, hacking exploits, search engine optimization, usability, design, conversions & more.

The assessment costs just $35 and should you decide to use any of my services at a later date this amount will be deducted from any charges.

The cost is just $35.

At the end of the Paypal transaction you will be taken to a new page to send me details about your website.