Website SEO Analysis

Order An SEO Analysis Of Your Website


It is often the case that a website is designed without any consideration being given to making it perform successfully in the Search Engines.

As a result the site will not appear when a potential customer enters keywords and searches for the product or service being offered. If your website does not appear on the first couple of pages of Google for example then there is little chance of you obtaining traffic from that search engine.

All is not lost however because it is possible to make your website SEO Friendly.

Find out where your website is lacking and learn how you can make the necessary changes to improve its position in the search engines, attract more visitors and generate sales.


The following is a checklist of the main areas of your website that will be analysed:

1. The structure of your page url’s.

2. Page titles.

3. Meta descriptions.

4. Meta keywords.

5. Image alt tags.

6. Headings.

7. Content.

8. Keywords.

9. Anchor text.

10. Internal linking.

11. Sitemap.

12. Robots.txt

13. Stats/Analytics

14. Load speed.

15. Competition.

16. Backlinks

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